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MailSnail Series

Starting in August of 2015, I began building a company called MailSnail with my friend and co-founder, Matt Bertino. To follow along with my personal thoughts on the ins and outs of the company, experiences, lessons learned, technical details, etc., please check out the posts below. I’ll continue to add new posts here as I publish them.

Post 1: Starting a Company
Post 2: Building a Product
Post 3: Launching a Product


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Building a Product

This is the second post in a series I’m writing about a company I’m starting up (or have started, depending on when you’re reading this). You can read other posts in the series here . As I’ve talked about here , I’m starting a company called MailSnail . In this post, I want to share the ins and outs of how we’ve built the product (i.e. the actual web application). The Buzzwords I’ve tried my hardest to make this post as approachable as I possibly can for anybody and everybody. I don’t want this to be something that is only interesting to folks who know what HTTP stands for or can rattle off it’s associated status codes. So for my non-tech readers, please bare with me for this one section and keep on reading. For my fellow tech-nerds, I figured you might not care so much about the minute implementation details but rather are just more interested in a list of all of the pieces of our tech-stack (because you already know the implications of each in their use). So here’s the qui

Test It Real Good

Test-driven development blows but, fortunately, that is not  all. The above tweet from a week ago was my first, extremely honest, impression of test-driven development (TDD). Clearly, I wasn't too thrilled with it. I was briefly exposed to TDD when I began exploring the wonderful world of Ruby on Rails (RoR) a few months ago but, seeming like an extremely tedious endeavor, I decided to just glaze right over it and get into the "good stuff" with RoR. Knowing that we would eventually be diving head first into TDD in our class, I have been absolutely dreading the inevitable since I first got accepted into The Iron Yard Academy. And right off the bat, it didn't disappoint (didn't disappoint my expectations, at least). It was exactly as tedious as I had thought it would be but, believe it or not, I actually intend to argue strongly in it's favor today. First, I've got to explain why it's obnoxious to me - I'll use an anecdote. When I was a kid