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Starting a Company

I’m starting a company and I’ve been wanting to write about it for months now. But, as it turns out, starting a company is very time-consuming (who knew?!) and most days haven’t left me with enough brain-juice to feel up to the task of writing about it while also building it . But, fortunately, our workload is becoming a little more manageable and I’ve now been able to settle into enough of a rhythm that I finally feel capable of transferring some of the content in my head to the screen. What I’m really excited about doing is deep-diving some of the biggest things I’ve learned so far, sharing details about how we work, etc. But first, I’ll simply introduce the company. Laying my cards on the table First off, starting a company is truly something that I never thought I’d be doing. It’s just something that I never had much interest in. Actually, it was something that not only disinterested me but acutely repelled me . The idea of having the livelihoods of employees depending on m