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Out of Control

Human beings are creatures of habit. By default, we seek comfort, order and familiarity. This should come as news to nobody. It’s just our nature — no doubt, an evolutionary tactic whereby order is deemed as a necessary means to survival. And perhaps order and control truly are necessary to survival. It seems to jive with the idea of governing bodies (when they’re working properly), agricultural practices, peaceful co-existence, and certainly with our physical bodies (again, when they’re working properly). However, on a daily basis, these ideas seem to become more and more diametrically opposed to the principles of surviving businesses and also to surviving careers. I’m currently reading a book called How Google Works by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg (both Google alums of significant note). The book as a whole is fascinating and extremely informative but one quote in particular caught my attention today because it contrasts sharply with human nature: “If everything seems under c