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Review of the New Macbook

I finally got a chance to give the new MacBook a whirl and decided to share my thoughts about it. I very rarely feel compelled to review products or services. Like the average consumer, I typically only review things when they’re so fantastic that I think they’re a real game-changer or, conversely, when they’re so terrible that I think it’s very likely they’ll be a game-ender. Unfortunately, this review will be the latter - let’s begin: The Big Question Admittedly, I was skeptical about the new MacBook from the get-go. Despite my skepticism, I really do like to give everything a fair chance, so I tried to keep as open of a mind as possible. Rather than focusing on any specific feature of the MacBook and making an uninformed decision about whether or not I would like it, I instead simply pondered the question “who is this designed for?” Unfortunately, after spending some time with it in person, I’m no closer to answering that question. And that really is the big question - the o

Rebuilding the Interwebs

I recently had the opportunity to redesign our homepage (something that was desperately needed), so I thought it would be neat to talk about how the process unfolded. Here we go: Where Things Began The Problems A static sidebar for categories, essentially wasting 200 horizontal and 1,000+ vertical pixels. A static sidebar for categories that’s only accessible from the homepage. Text-heavy design, such as lengthy product descriptions that are more appropriate when viewing listing details. Sparse and small product images. Very outdated visual styling, reminiscent of eBay in the early 2000s - i.e. heavy inset box shadows, extreme button gradients, etc. (yes, we’re very behind the times - but we’ve finally got the right team in place who’s working hard to change that :-D ) The fact that although there are hundreds of Featured listings on the site at any given time, only 12 are displayed in the homepage’s Featured listings section. etc... Where Things Ended Challen