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Poor Rich

A few months ago, I wrote an article for an online publication. Unfortunately, they never got around to using it and now that it's officially summer, it's no longer applicable content. But since I really enjoyed writing it, and was pleased with how it turned out, I felt that it was worth sharing in one way or another. As a brief background to give you a frame of reference for reading, this article was written on March 21st of 2014 — one day after the first day of Spring — and at the time of writing I was still living in Pittsburgh. I hope you enjoy... ___________________________________________________________ Poor Rich “The thing that’s most important to me is whatever I need the most at any given time.” An honest answer to an honest question — “for a homeless person, what is the most important thing to have? So, if you knew that all the time there would be a place or person that would always have this particular item that you consider most important, what wo