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Test It Real Good

Test-driven development blows but, fortunately, that is not  all. The above tweet from a week ago was my first, extremely honest, impression of test-driven development (TDD). Clearly, I wasn't too thrilled with it. I was briefly exposed to TDD when I began exploring the wonderful world of Ruby on Rails (RoR) a few months ago but, seeming like an extremely tedious endeavor, I decided to just glaze right over it and get into the "good stuff" with RoR. Knowing that we would eventually be diving head first into TDD in our class, I have been absolutely dreading the inevitable since I first got accepted into The Iron Yard Academy. And right off the bat, it didn't disappoint (didn't disappoint my expectations, at least). It was exactly as tedious as I had thought it would be but, believe it or not, I actually intend to argue strongly in it's favor today. First, I've got to explain why it's obnoxious to me - I'll use an anecdote. When I was a kid

Five Years and Counting

This picture makes me very happy. It's my wife, Jennifer, and I on our wedding day - absolutely ecstatic about the journey that we had begun just a couple of hours earlier. And I'm excited to say that it was taken exactly five years ago today. Yep, today is our five year wedding anniversary! To be honest, I can't remember our wedding day as vividly as I'd like to. Of course it was a very special, very meaningful day, but I mostly remember it in snapshots. I remember riding on the little shuttle bus that took the wedding party up to the chapel. I remember when the chapel doors opened and I saw Jennifer in her dress for the first time. I remember walking out of the chapel with a big, goofy grin on my face. After this, the next several hours are kind of a blur. I know that we had a good time at the reception, celebrating with our friends and family. I know that there was lots of food and dancing. But I apologetically admit that I don't remember a single